That shiny new diesel truck sitting in your driveway, the envy of all your friends, sure is a beast. It can pull a house, navigate those steep inclines and run forever, right? Well …

Diesel engines are tough, powerful, and durable – but they need regular maintenance to stay that way. Here are a few simple steps you can take to keep that big honkin’ beauty running for the long haul:

1. Check Coolant Regularly – Diesel engines run hotter than their gas equivalents because of the pressure levels necessary for combustion, so a healthy cooling system is essential for good performance. Replace the filter per manufacturer specs, and with recommended OEM replacements. Maintain engine coolant at proper levels and check for contaminants.

2. Top Off That Tank – Water condensation build-up in your fuel tank will eventually get to your injectors, which means improper combustion. Maintaining your fuel level will help prevent this, as well replacing fuel filters at the proper intervals.

3. Use a High-Amp Battery – Diesels use glow plugs to heat the incoming air for proper combustion. They need amps, and lots of them. A battery with a high amp rating is key to cold starting your diesel engine.

Remember, your diesel engine was built to operate with high pressure compression, to give you the kind of torque you paid those extra bucks for in the first place. So protect that investment by following your manufacturer’s recommended service schedule and replacing filters, gaskets and fluids as required.