Are Cars and Trucks the Worst Contributors to Air Pollution?

Most would be surprised to find out that the worst culprits for air pollution are not the diesel and gasoline vehicles that are so prevalent on the planet. The biggest global polluters are large marine ship engines, such as oil tankers, large container ships and passenger cruise ships.  When you compare data relating to engine size and fuel quality used by ships and cars, it was found that  just one of the largest ships may possibly emit as much pollution as 50 million automobiles.

Still, commercial and personal vehicles can do their part by finding ways to maximize their fuel economy or by moving to electric vehicles. If you have a diesel truck, car or anything diesel, you may consider installing a performance module that will not only save fuel, but will deliver better performance.  Click here to see our selection of modules that can make you part of the solution, rather than part of the problem. 

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