The AgDiesel Module has proven to be a boon to farmers in several important ways. For the farmers as much as for anyone, the phrase time is money is an economic reality. The longer it takes to plant, fertilize, harvest and maintain his crop, the greater the cost in man-hours, fuel and even the prices he can get for his harvest. So when he has the chance to reduce his fuel cost, and increase the horsepower of his equipment by as much as 35%, you can bet that farmer is going to stand up and take notice.

That’s exactly what the AgDiesel module is doing for farmers right now. Included with those savings is a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty. The AgDiesel module was engineered by professionals who know listened to you and set out to develop a module that succeeds where others have come up short. They know the vehicles your business depends on, through and through, so they can custom program your module to suit your specific needs.

Have your AgModule installed quickly and professionally, and enjoy performance benefits like these:

“Module worked incredible for increased power. It was very evident. We probably increased min. of 1 mile an hour. No longer was the 8120 slowed down due to power, it was the feeder that kept us from going faster. We did 4 to 5 l/hr with a 40 foot header in grains, and 6+ l/hr in canola.”
— Trevor