When we think diesel cars – what do we think of? Do we think they are loud, noisy, messy and expensive? Some may wallow in this kind of negative image, but do you know the benefits of diesel cars most likely outweigh the disadvantages.

Diesel vehicles are not just heavy duty trucks and farming equipment, they are cars we see everyday. Vehicles such as Volkswagon Jetta or BMW. Diesel vehicles have more torque, low maintenance, are longer lasting, and have better fuel economy.

Diesel vehicles produce a huge amount of torque. A four-cylinder diesel car can produce as much torque as a large six-cylinder gasoline vehicle. Trucking companies favour diesel trucks over gas because of the large amounts of pulling power it has. They also favour it because it can get more mileage on their vehicles and diesel engines can take the rigorous effects that Mother Nature and the road may throw at them. It is estimated that diesel has a higher fuel economy by 25 per cent than gasoline cars.

Did you know that diesel engines have fewer parts than a gasoline powered engines? This makes them less expensive to maintain. In addition to that, the lifespan on a diesel engine is much longer than that of a gasoline vehicle.

Sure a diesel car may cost more to purchase than a regular gasoline vehicle, but the long-term benefits of a diesel definitely makes up for it.