Can Diesel Engine Performance Modules Really Save You Money on Fuel?

It is widely known that by manipulating your diesel engine’s fuel strategy you can enhance a diesel’s performance and fuel economy.

As diesel fuel continues to be more expensive, using a performance module to alter the fuel strategy of your diesel unit makes even more sense. A performance module makes the engine more efficient by either adding or decreasing fuel volume. 

Installing these performance modules will alter the electronic signal going to the fuel rail to increase pressure, which varies depending on desired performance and the unit’s capability. A fuel rail operates at a lower pressure until there is a demand for more. When an ECM is unable to support the call for increased fuel quickly, the typical results are delayed injector response and reduced power. A performance module maintains constant, high fuel pressure and thus, eliminates such delays. This results in better response and power.

Simply put, a module is designed to increase the efficiency of the fuel delivery.  It is not uncommon to realize 10% to 20% savings in fuel economy while increasing horsepower.

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