We have all heard the myths surrounding diesel engines. They are loud, dirty, inefficient in cold weather, and fuel is impossible to find. While some of these things may have been true in the past, advancements in pilot injection and fuel systems should have dispelled these myths a long time ago. This sort of misinformation has prevailed, due in part, because only foreign manufacturers campaigned to set the record straight. With the eminent release of the Cruze Diesel, however, Chevrolet has joined the battle to educate consumers on the superior efficiency of the diesel engine.
Part of the companies aim is to show consumers how diesel out performs gasoline in every sense – including price. Allow diesel is currently still more expensive than gasoline, the gap is closing. Couple that with the fact that diesel engines last longer, perform better and are easier to maintain, and Chevrolet are confident that consumers will make the right choice.
It is anticipated that Cruze Diesel will run on a 2.0 litre, four-cylinder unit. The company has cited a report by Baum and Associates, which estimates that the amount of consumers choosing diesel cars will double, by 2015. Diesel sales are already showing a significant increase; with a 35% rise in sales this quarter compared to last year. Chevrolet has also put out a graph, which highlights some of the most common myths associated with diesel cars, and why they are not true. With a trusted brand like Chevrolet backing the charge, it looks like sales in diesel cars are set significant increase.