The Bosch Corporation needs no introduction – it has been a leader in worldwide technological innovation since it was founded in 1896.

Bosch is the world’s largest producer of parts for the automotive industry. The company’s name is synonymous with brakes, headlights, starter motors, and fuel systems.
The Common Rail Diesel injection system that’s been pioneered by Bosch has proven to be a game changer in diesel engine applications, for both cars and trucks.

The Bosch Common Rail Diesel technology uses a single fuel rail that feeds fuel to the engine through individual solenoid valves at very high pressure. The resulting control over the fuel system (controlled by computer) provides many fuel economy, performance, and emission control advantages over other fuel injection technologies.
Bosch’s technology is largely responsible for improvements to diesel engines in recent years that have led to widespread adoption of diesel powered passenger cars in Europe, and their increasing popularity in North America.

For commercial applications, Bosch CRD is the new standard. It’s very robust.
To keep Common Rail Diesel Injection systems operating at top performance, regular diagnostic inspection is required. Unfortunately, there are relatively few qualified service locations in Canada.

Western Turbo has installed the Bosch EPS 815 Common Rail Fuel Injector diagnostics system, the only Bosch authorized equipment for the testing of these systems. There are only two such systems available in Canada.

In the hands of our trained technicians, this diagnostic equipment is capable of complete analysis of your fuel injection system, and Western Turbo’s technicians can carry out any necessary adjustment and repairs. We are an exclusive distributor of Bosch parts, and put know how important safe, efficient, and reliable operation of your equipment is. Conveniently located at 325 Eagle Drive in Winnipeg, we are standing by to keep your engine, which powers your equipment and the Canadian economy, running.