One of the great benefits of diesel ownership is the average lifespan of diesel engines. With fewer parts and a generally lower rpm operating range, diesel engines can last significantly longer than their gasoline counterparts. Provided you keep it properly maintained, your diesel engine will last you many thousands of miles.

Maintenance schedules vary by make and model, so you’ll need to consult the manufacturer’s documentation for your specific engine. The following is a general list of maintenance tasks for any diesel engine.

Replace Air Filter – Diesel fuel burns via compression, so adequate airflow is a must. Use a visual indicator which will change color when the filter requires replacement.

Replace Oil Filter – Incomplete combustion can cause sulfur and carbon build-up. Use of high quality, OEM filters are essential to engine performance.

Check Coolant – Diesel engines operate under high pressure and temperatures. If not already equipped, it’s a good idea to install a coolant warning indicator on your vehicle’s dashboard.

Replace Fuel Filter – A good rule of thumb is to replace the fuel filter every 10000 kilometers. Again, consult the owner’s manual for manufacturer’s recommended interval.

Inspect Engine Gaskets – Due to the high operating pressures of a diesel engine, there is a great deal of stress placed on the gaskets of its fittings. Look for cracks or signs of wear, and replace all gaskets when you find any that require changing.