When your diesel vehicle needs service or repair, you’ve got some choices on where to take it. You can trust your rig in the hands of a mechanic who occasionally works on diesels, or you can take it to the place where diesel is all we do. At the Diesel Service Centre, we focus all of our training and experience on diesel engine repair and maintenance, and nothing else.

Automotive technology, like so much else, has grown increasingly complex over the years. It only makes sense that service technicians who devote all of their attention to one primary mission would be better equipped and trained to handle that one job. In service centers that offer a variety of services for different vehicles, that focus and training are, by necessity, divided. Work space and equipment availability are equally limited by that need for diversity. At Diesel Service Centre, every technician,
every tool, part and piece of equipment is there for just one job – servicing your diesel equipment.

This singleness of purpose is what makes Diesel Service Centre the experts in diesel repair and maintenance. It’s allowed us to accumulate a wealth of experience in that one discipline. Because it’s all we do, you can rest assured that we’ll provide you the most comprehensive knowledge and expertise for all of your diesel needs. So when you’ve got a job to do with your diesel rig, take it to the folks whose only job, is diesel.