Diesel Prices Starting to Come Down While Gas Prices are Starting to Go Up

If you've been filling up your diesel ride for the last couple of years, you have seen the price of diesel go way up compared to gasoline.  Now it looks like the trend may be reversing as the average price of gas is now only $.60 a litre different.

If you're considering a new ride for yourself, it may be time to take a hard look between gas and diesel fuel. 

There are several differences between the two in regards to efficiency, performance, emission, and price. In regards to efficiency, diesel is better. For every litre of diesel fuel you burn, the distance you travel is longer than that with unleaded. With performance and considering the power factor, diesel engines usually come with a V6 or turbo aspect and with the use of the torque capabilities. This produces higher power acceleration. The only difference is that unleaded fuel engines are quieter than diesel. It is true that diesel emits more greenhouse gases, but considering it is more fuel efficient, this factor offsets the high emission and actually has less emission for the distance traveled.

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