There is no doubt that diesel engines far out perform gasoline engines. When properly maintained a diesel engine will last twice as long, with double the efficiency. However, when you do run into problems, fuel consumption may have increased, power is significantly reduced and systems such as air conditioning begin to fail.
Problems with performance are not the first sign of repair needs. An excess of black, white or blue smoke, coming from your exhaust pipe, is a good early indicator that your diesel system needs servicing. Also, keep an eye out for leaking fuel, as this will affect the efficiency of your diesel system and requires immediate repair. Although these are common symptoms associated with diesel engine problems, it takes an experienced mechanic to determine the root cause.
There are many signs that will suggest your diesel engine needs servicing. However, each one can result from a number of different problems. As diesel engine technology and systems improve, it makes it more difficult for an average mechanic to determine the problem. Our mechanics are skilled in all areas of diesel diagnostics, servicing and repair. At our diesel service centre we aim to ensure that your issue is resolved, first time every time.