In the market for a diesel pickup truck? If so, then you’re going to want to do some comparison shopping. Not all diesel engines or trucks are created equal, and you’ll want to match the truck to the job you’re doing. It would also be useful to know what you you can expect from your diesel in terms of cost, performance, maintenance, life expectancy, etc. The Big Three all manufacture a line of diesel pickups, each offering its own particular make of engine. Since diesel trucks aren’t cheap, but are known to last for many miles of use, the used market is always a smart alternative when shopping.

So it would be handy to have a breakdown of each line of diesel trucks that are out there, by year, make, and standard equipment; a buyer’s guide that includes the pros and cons of each model. Well, we’ve got the perfect resource for sorting through the choices right here. The Diesel Truck Buyer’s Guide takes the guesswork out of deciding which of the many diesel trucks to choose from is right for you. In it, you’ll find a summary of each model from each manufacturer, for every year they were built. Find out which transmission the diesel was mated with, any maintenance issues associated with that model, and of course performance specs.