If you tend to think of heavy duty trucks with clattering engines whenever you hear the word diesel, you may be pleased to know that things have changed a bit. Diesel power has become a more popular choice in a wider selection of vehicles – and for reasons that might also surprise you.

As diesel technology has resulted in quieter, cleaner running engines, a growing number of passenger vehicles now include diesel engines as an option. In addition to its fuel economy advantage over gasoline, the case for diesel is stronger than ever.

Consumer Guide Automotive’s Consumer Guide to 2011 Diesel Vehicles provides a complete rundown of the diesel-powered lineup for 2011. The guide includes pricing, EPA fuel estimates as well as the trim levels of each manufacturer’s models in which a diesel engine is offered. Available body styles, from sedans to SUV’s, are covered including performance ratings on each model.

For the car buyer who hasn’t traditionally considered diesel as a viable option in the past, Consumer Guide shares some compelling reasons to change your thinking. For consumers already pondering a diesel purchase, who want to know their options, the Consumer Guide to 2011 Diesel Vehicles is a valuable tool.