Is your diesel vehicle due for a safety inspection? Vehicle safety inspections are periodically necessary to assure that vehicles operated on public roads are in compliance with established safety standards. Your diesel vehicle must have a COI (Certificate of Inspection), as verification of having passed a Manitoba Government Safety Inspection, under any of the following circumstances:

1. Vehicle Registration – When registering your vehicle for the first time, unless the vehicle is:
a) being transferred between immediate family members;
b) a moped;
c) a registered antique vehicle, or
d) a mobility vehicle.

2. Every Six Months – for buses, or truck tractors over 21, 953kg GVWR.

3. Every 12 Months for –
a) Buses operated by church or non-profit organizations;
b) Truck tractors under 21,953kg GVWR;
c) Truck tractors registered for farm use over 21,953kg GVWR;
d) Trailers over 4,500kg GVWR (not incl. RV and farm trailers);
e) Trucks over 4,500 GVWR (unless registered for farm use);
f) Semi trailers and trailer converted dollies.

Diesel Service Centre at Western Turbo is a licensed Manitoba Public Insurance Inspection Station. If your vehicle is in need of a safety inspection, you can book one with us.