IAmDIESEL at Western Turbo is the Winnipeg area diesel expert for all kinds of service, including the tasks that you do yourself.

Diesel engines have specific needs, and foremost among them is lubrication. Because compression ratios are higher in diesel engines, and because turbocharged engines depend on the oil to lubricate and cool the turbo, the condition of your engine’s oil has a huge bearing on its health and well-being. IAmDIESEL and Western Turbo provide two products specifically designed to help diesel owners keep the lifeblood of their engines flowing:

Engine Oil CheckUp Kits
Engine oil analysis in a laboratory can be expensive, and results can take a long time. Engine Oil CheckUp kits, on the other hand, are inexpensive and fast, and provide comprehensive results regarding the condition of your engines oil. These results can be used to ensure that your oil isn’t unduly dirty, or contaminated with fuel, water or glycol (antifreeze), which can be a warning sign that something serious is wrong with the engine itself. This engine fluid test is a one-step diagnostic tool and test kit results will indicate the presence and concentration of contaminants. You can easily administer an Engine Oil CheckUp Kit yourself in about 30 minutes by placing a single drop of oil on the test medium paper, then reading and interpreting the results.

No Spill Systems
No Spill Systems simplify oil changes, and eliminate many of the problems associated with improperly installed or damaged oil drain plugs. There are 3 styles, the Standard System, the Compact System, and the Speed Click System, each one with a custom torque setting. They make the job easier, are compatible with all vehicles, work with gravity or suction drain methods, and reduce the chance of an oil spill, which is messy and harmful to the environment. Regular maintenance of your engine is a necessity. With a No Spill system, it’s easier than ever to keep those oil changes on schedule!

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