The three big German automakers have brought the advantages of modern diesel engines to the North American market in a big way, and the enthusiastic response from the buying public has made an impact on the strategies of automakers worldwide.

Because of fantastically high gasoline prices in Europe, diesel vehicles are very common there. Mercedes has been offering diesel as a serious option here in North America for decades, and BMW has had some success in following suit. Volkswagen, in particular, has found that diesel engines are a great selling principle on this side of the Atlantic, and has been catapulted to the status of the world’s third largest automaker, in large part due to the success of their diesel offerings.

Skyrocketing energy costs, the economic disaster of 2008, and a more intense focus on the environment and climate change has led North American consumers to examine the efficiency of their cars. With an average fuel mileage advantage around 30%, and a much lower premium price than hybrids or electric vehicles, diesel powered autos are very attractive to cost conscious consumers.

As a result, other carmakers are testing the waters and offering some diesel products, and are expected to expand them over the next few years. In 2014, Chrysler is bringing a 3 liter diesel to market in its Ram pickups, Chevrolet is introducing a diesel option for its popular Cruze, and Mazda will have a diesel powered sedan, the Mazda6.

IAmDiesel welcomes these changes. We’ve been champions of diesel engines in passenger cars and light trucks for years. We’re Winnipeg’s best option for repairs and maintenance to diesel vehicles of all types, so we know that diesel vehicles get better mileage, last longer, and are friendlier to the environment than gasoline powered equivalents. We’re happy to see that carmakers, and the general public, have caught on.