One of the challenges facing the Federal government in its quest to harmonize safety and emissions requirements for vehicles has been the fact that all of the Provinces have their own legislation in place.

What might pass for a perfectly safe vehicle that doesn’t pollute the environment in one Province could be determined to be an unsafe smog machine in another.

The Ministers of Transport for all the provinces started a project to standardize rules across the country in 1991, with the goal of ensuring the mechanical fitness of all vehicles on the road and to promote highway safety. The project came to the forefront in late 2011, when the Federal government identified the project as a priority, and gathered industry stakeholders and government representatives together to review and standardize procedures between provinces.

There are 1.8 million vehicles that are subject to Periodic Motor Vehicle Inspections (PMVI) across the country.

It is expected that the new rules, which are to be imminently released, are going to have a big impact on the commercial transportation industry. The Manitoba safety standards currently in place were created in 1992. It can be said that vehicles of that era have almost as much in common with the horse and buggy as they do with vehicles manufactured today.

At the forefront are new emissions requirements, which Manitoba previously did not regulate. Many operators deliberately disabled pollution control equipment in pursuit of better mileage, and if they can’t return the system to operability before an inspection, they’ll be required to afterward because their vehicles won’t pass.

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