At long last, fuel efficiency has made its way to the top of the list, when it comes to consumer priorities. According to a recent consumer report, when shopping for a new car, up to 37 percent of people have identified fuel efficiency as their first concern. This could mean a radical change in the way manufacturers design cars, should consumer pressure increase.
Historically consumers have opted for high performance, fuel guzzling or heavy cars. These types of vehicles, largely favoured by United States consumers, have always dominated the market. However, according to the survey, rising fuel prices have caused a significant shift towards more fuel-efficient vehicles. Potentially, a one litre engine in a family sedan is something we could see in the very near future.
Another issue, which has prompted a change of thinking among consumers, is the environment. Two thirds of those surveyed stated that they wished to drive more “green”. This represents a huge increase from previous surveys. It would appear that carbon foot print, coupled with the depletion of natural fuel sources, is weighing heavily on the minds of the average consumer. It may take a while before manufacturers get fully on board, however, change seems inevitable.