Here are 5 ideas to help you battle high fuel costs!
  1. Give the Speedometer some eye time. Keep your speed lower . You increase diesel fuel consumption for every mile per hour you drive over 55 mph (above 55 mph, each one mile per hour increase in speed decreases fuel economy by 0.1 mpg.

  2. Give your Engine a Break.Don’t idle if it isn’t necessary. Idling burns about ¾ gallon of diesel fuel per hour in a Class 8 tractor-trailer size truck. It also accelerates engine wear and tear.

  3. Perform preventive maintenance on the suggested schedule. Proper maintenance performed by the experts at Western Turbo including oil and air filter changes can help maximize fuel efficiency.

  4. Don't Get Tired of Tire Pressure.  This one is easy.  Keeping your tires at the recommended tire pressure can save a bundle on your fuel bill.

  5. Install a Power module.  This will not only save you fuel, it will also give you more power.  Check out our Power Module inventory at Western Turbo