Diesel powered vehicles, just like any other modern technology, are constantly evolving. While the inner workings of a diesel engine remain relatively unchanged over the last several decades (one of their biggest advantages is their simplicity), the control systems that make it run optimally have evolved considerably.

On-board respond to variables in the environment, like air temperature, humidity, and exhaust conditions to make thousands of adjustments per second to ensure that your engine has just the right amount of fuel, applied to the cylinders at precisely the right time, to deliver the performance and fuel economy that characterize the modern diesel vehicle.

The only way to service today’s computerized vehicles is by interfacing with them, reading the information stored within to diagnose system malfunctions. Sometimes, reprogramming these sophisticated electronic controls is necessary.

At IamDiesel, the service centre at Western Turbo and Fuel Injection, we are Winnipeg’s experts for repair and maintenance of modern diesel engines. We pride ourselves on keeping our technicians up to date with knowledge and equipment that addresses the needs of today’s more complex, computerized diesel engines.

This isn’t to say that we’re a bunch of button-pushers. The computers don’t do everything. When a wrench needs to be turned, and our years of experience mean that we can get the job done quickly and efficiently, so you get peace of mind in knowing that your vehicle’s been taken care of by experts.

If you’re experiencing knocking noises, unusual smoke from the tailpipe, vibration, or excessive fuel consumption, bring your vehicle to IamDiesel.

Whether you need repairs and maintenance for a fleet of heavy trucks, or a single pickup or even a small passenger vehicle, you know that IamDiesel is the place to turn for the latest in computer diagnostics and skilled technicians with years of experience meeting the needs of diesel owners just like you.