While other manufacturers (Ford Ranger, Ram Dakota) are discontinuing their mid-size pickup lines, Volkswagen is banking on its own entry, the Amarok, to be a hit in North America. No official date has been announced, but the German automaker is in talks with Canada and U.S. dealerships to introduce the pickup to the continent.
VW Amarok
According to Volkswagen Media Relations Manager Thomas Tetzlaff, “We are very interested, but are proceeding very slowly and very cautiously.” There are currently no decisions concerning which cab styles or powertrains would be made available once the green light’s been given. Regarding that proverbial ‘go’ signal, Tetzlaff adds,” “Our desire to bring such a product to market needs to be balanced with a strong business case. The costs we would need to incur in order to import the vehicle need to be factored into the equation and they are not insubstantial… the project is nowhere near a ‘green light’ just yet.”

Meanwhile, early returns from samplings of consumer interest in the Amarok have been very positive. The Volkswagen Amarok has already been selling in Europe, Russia, South America, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Recent word in the industry, though as yet unconfirmed, indicates that the 2013 line of powertrain options will include a TDI diesel version as well. With fewer models available in the segment, Volkswagen is hoping the Amarok will spur renewed interest in mid-size pickups here in Canada.