The progress of diesel engine manufacturers in improving fuel efficiency over the last two decades has led to new innovations in clean diesel technology and consumer acceptance.
Mazda recently confirmed at the New York International Auto Show, that it plans to begin selling vehicles equipped with its ultra efficient SKY gasoline and diesel engines in North America by 2012.
Detroit based NextCAT Inc. announced that it has signed an option agreement for a biodiesel technology developed at the National Biofuels Energy Lab at Wayne State University.  This technology allows biodiesel producers to use cost-effective raw materials in their production process, this has strong potential to lower biodiesel costs greatly.  The U.S. has roughly 176 biodiesel plants, though 80 percent of them are sitting idle due to heavy losses from high raw material costs.  If these raw material costs are not taken care of, many of the estimated 23,000 jobs in this industry will remain in jeopardy.