Truck Edition, powered by Western Turbo, is happy to announce another long-awaited addition to our growing line of heavy-duty truck modules. P/N 35000 was recently released for sale and it’s already getting a lot of buzz!

This Truck Edition module will bring new life to your 2009-2014 D11, D13, and D16 Volvo engines – Yes, we said VOLVO! This module also fits 2009-2014 Mack MP7, MP8 & MP10 engines.

These Heavy Duty Truck Edition modules are designed for fuel economy with an increase in power of up to 30% over stock, all while delivering fuel economy benefits of 10 to 20%. The module is adjustable on-the-fly with a 4-position switch for Stock, Fuel Economy (+10% HP), Fuel Economy plus Power (+20% HP), and Power (+30% HP).

Truck Edition modules do not flash your ECM, instead the module receives the signals from the ECM and then optimizes the signals going to the engine to improve performance and efficiency. The Plug-and-Play design means there is no need to cut and splice any wires, just connect the Heavy Duty Truck Edition module into your existing factory connectors.

All this, plus a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a LIFETIME WARRANTY makes this purchase a no-brainer – call us for yours today!