OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer. When you are replacing the components that keep your vehicles on the road 24/7, you want the best available. When the company that built your tough-as-nails diesel engine put it together, they put a lot of research into the components that they would outsource. In many cases, special design work would be undertaken to match the components to the new engine, ensuring that part would perform perfectly in it’s application.

When looking for manufacturers of fuel injectors, a mission critical piece of technology for powering diesel engines, manufacturers are very careful to specify precisely what is required for the application.

Stanadyne Pencil Nozzles are manufactured to precise OEM standards, and for 45 years have been providing reliable service to all makes of diesel engines. The spray nozzles are sized and angled precisely for your engine, and provide optimal fuel economy for increased efficacy and profitability, while at the same time protecting the environment but reducing emissions.

When your fuel injectors require replacement, look for parts that match the stringent requirements set out by the engine’s manufacturer. Stanadyne Pencil Nozzles are simply the best choice in the business, with longevity and performance that can’t be matched by imitation or remanufactured injectors.

Western Turbo in Winnipeg offers factory original Stanadyne Pencil Nozzles, installed by qualified service technicians and backed by the company’s two-year warranty.