Carbon Motors, manufacturer of “purpose built vehicles”, has surpassed 14,000 production reservations for its new Carbon E7 police cruiser.  Since the inception of motorized law enforcement, police and other law enforcement organizations have been using modified production vehicles from various manufacturers.  Due to specific space, fuel economy and performance requirements, the idea of using these mass market vehicles is soon to be a non option.  Carbon Motors is the first to offer an all new, ground-up security platform vehicle that is “designed by Law Enforcement, Exclusivly for Law Enforcement.”  If  “purpose built ” vehicles can be made to put out fires, clean streets, or collect garbage, why not the same for the men and women of police departments country wide, who put thier lives on the line every day to keep us safe on our highways and in our communities.  With over 400 agencies in 48 states, representing all functional enforcement agencies placing orders, Carbon Motors estimates that all production vehicles will be sold out long before the time the first car rolls off the line. 

Part of the excitement of this vehicle is the fact that the powerplant is a BMW clean diesel motor.  This motor has 300 horsepower with 80% of its 420 lbs. ft. of torque available between 1100 and 4200 rpm.  Vehicle life is expected to be 250,000 miles of hard life.  It’s something else to see life long police officers grinning ear to ear while being pinned against thier seats under hard acceleration and congressional deligates kneeling down to smell the exhaust because they can’t believe how clean this advanced technology really is.