Suddenly, diesel engines are everywhere. North Americans have followed Europe’s lead, and are opting for the fuel efficiency, durability, and performance of diesel engines in all types of vehicles. This is the result of many improvements in diesel technology in recent years. Service centres, however, may be lagging behind. Here are some questions you can ask the shop servicing your diesel engine to ensure that they are taking good care of it:

1) What Type of Oil Do You Use?
Make sure that the service centre is going to use an engine oil specifically designed for use in a modern diesel engine. The American Petroleum Institute has standards for all motor oils. The three-digit code for Diesel engine lubricant begins with C. The second letter needs to be an H, I, or J (J is the newest standard, and will address all needs) and the third digit needs to be a 4, indicating that it’s suitable for use in 4-stroke diesel engines. If your service person can’t provide you with this information, beware.

2) Can you Check My Diesel Exhaust Fluid Level?
In order to provide best pollution control, many diesel engines use a Urea exhaust fluid. A qualified service person will know if your vehicle does, and will know how to check it.

3) Is this facility a member of ADS?
The most qualified technicians are certified by the Association of Diesel Specialists.

4) Will you provide me with a written estimate before beginning any repair work?
If the answer is no, perhaps your business is best taken elsewhere.

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