At Western Turbo, we do a lot of work on today’s diesel engines, almost all of which use some very sophisticated fuel injection technology.

Equipping ourselves with the gear and expertise to diagnose and repair injectors hasn’t happened overnight.  We’ve made a significant investment, which is part of our responsibility in being the market leader in diesel technology repair.  In recent years, the advantages of diesel power plants have become apparent to a growing number of automotive manufacturers, who have begun equipping their cars with Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) engines.  This next generation of fuel injection is finding it’s way into vehicles made by GM, Ford, Mazda, Nissan, Hyundai, and Kia.

Clogged and buggy injectors are one of the few problems that bring these cars to a repair facility.  Unfortunately, the tools that are available to the average shop can’t handle diagnosis of these advanced injectors, so all faults are treated as though the injectors are broken, and an entire set is replaced.

This expense is then passed on to the client, who is often paying for replacement of an expensive component that is still perfectly functional.  This is bad for garages and repair facilities, because these cars come back still broken, driven by unhappy customers.

At Western Turbo, we’re willing to share our equipment and expertise.  If you send us a set of GDI Injectors, we can use our equipment to test the set of GDI injectors by measuring it’s output of fuel for atomization, strength, and spray pattern.  Those that aren’t performing correctly can be cleaned with our ultrasonic process and retested.  In many cases, no replacement or further service will be required.  Should one or two injectors be found faulty, you can replace them without your customer having to buy a whole set.

Western Turbo has a state-of-the art repair facility at 325 Eagle Drive in Winnipeg. Let us help you keep your customers satisfied.