The snow is coming and it’s time to start getting your diesel in tip top form for the Winnipeg winter.  A fuel additive like the one offered by trusted Stanadyne can really have an impact on your diesel’s cold weather performance.  Not only does the additive improve fuel economy, it also increases horse power and torque.
 Specifically for cold weather, the additive improves the diesel pour point up to 22 degrees celsius while raising the temperature of the cold filter plug point up to 13 degrees celsius depending on base fuel.
 The additive also contains corrosion and rust inhibitors that will protect your fuel system.
Talk to us at Western Turbo, the diesel service centre. We have the know how to get you ready for our Manitoba winter.  Leverage our 30 years in business, diagnostic centre, extensive parts department and 9 bays of service to keep your diesel working at peak performance.