Due to the reduction in sulphur content in diesel fuels, more efficient methods of lubrication are an increasing requirement. Additives, such as fuel conditioner, are now necessary to keep diesel engines performing at optimum levels. Benefits include increased fuel economy, up to 10%; greater horsepower, due to less friction; better performance, in all aspects of your engine; and emission control, which reduces toxic exhaust fumes.

Stanadyne Performance Formula is an all season diesel fuel additive. It keeps your engine lubricated, as well as improving overall efficiency. The formula does not contain any alcohol, and also aids in the reduction of corrosion and rust. Unlike many other additives, Stanadyne Performance Formula is suitable for use in all vehicles, regardless of make model or year. You will also see an increase in horsepower, while fuel consumption is decreased.

Poor quality of diesel will cause problems with both performance and components in your engine. Failure to address issues can result in increased wear, blocked or clogged filters, and gummed up components. These problems are easily avoiding by using a fuel conditioner, such as Stanadyne Performance Formula. By booking a diesel service or repair today, you will receive a free bottle of Stanadyne Performance Formula. Make sure that you are getting the best performance from your diesel engine, book a service today.