Supply Chain Personnel Attitudes Changing For the Better

If it’s one thing that Alissa Wiens – supply chain assistant,  has noted in her two decade plus career in supply chain logistics, it’s the attitude of co-workers to women in this predominantly male position.

“Early on in my career, management and co-workers were not as accepting of me and my skill set” says Alissa. “ I really noticed a big difference at Western Turbo where everyone is part of a team that is focused on the customer, wanting the best outcome for each and every order” .  Alissa likes the fact that everybody at Western works together, shares knowledge and helps out. “The culture is great, and the people are great”.

Alissa joined Western 3 years ago, and continued to shine in this inclusive environment.  She loves being a part of the Western family where everyone has a part in creating a great customer experience.

Attitude is the difference. Especially at Western Turbo.