Tips to Keep Your Diesel Happy During Manitoba Winters

Tips to Keep Your Diesel Happy During Manitoba Winters

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We all know how challenging it is to keep your ride on the road during the harsh Manitoba winters. Here are some tips that can help your diesel thr...

40th Anniversary Celebration a Hit With Customers

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On May 15th, Western Turbo opened it’s doors to the public and celebrated 40 years in business. From humble beginnings in 1979, Western has grown to provide the best diesel service and parts in Manitoba. The celebration took place at 325 Eagle Drive, home of Western’s modern 9 bay service centre. Visitors were greeted with […]

The Autopsy of a Dead Turbocharger

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Why did my turbocharger die? First, we have to understand how a turbocharger works… In a nutshell, a turbocharger uses exhaust gases produced by the engine, which are pushed out of the engine at a velocity that corresponds with the speed of the engine’s rotation to push fresh air into the engine. The faster the […]

Winter’s coming – Here’s Some Tips to Make Sure Your Truck is Ready

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Winnipeg winters are especially tough on trucks! From overnight cold soaks as low as -40, to icy roads, spray from slush, to blowing snow and snowdrifts, we see it all. To see you and your truck through the season with minimal downtime, there are a some basic checks and tests that can save you time […]

Think Diesel is Going Away? Think Again!

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Consumers in Winnipeg and across Manitoba continue to display confidence in Diesel technology as a choice for powering their new cars, SUVs, trucks and vans. Diesel accounts for 3% of the consumer market and indications are this number could grow. Diesel is a proven performer that delivers real benefits: high fuel efficiency, great driving range, […]

Western Turbo Active in the Community

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At Western Turbo, we recognize our success as being the best diesel service centre in Manitoba is due to you, our valued customers. On behalf of you, we support a number of charitable causes every year. We are proud to support Siloam Mission, Habitat for Humanity, Ride for Dad, the Gimli ModelFest as well as […]

Are you Budget Minded About Your Diesel Service? Western Turbo is Right for You!

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There’s a reason why Western Turbo has become the choice of service and maintenance for diesel fleets in Winnipeg and Manitoba. We Save You Money Our experience and investment in equipment and people let us stand head and shoulders above others.  Here are three examples of how we can save you money and earn your […]