Is a Hybrid Really More Efficient than a Diesel?

Is a Hybrid Really More Efficient than a Diesel?

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Let's look at an analysis comparing a diesel truck versus a hybrid truck to see which uses the most fuel while towing. It’s long been thought that ...

The Autopsy of a Dead Turbocharger

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Why did my turbocharger die? First, we have to understand how a turbocharger works… In a nutshell, a turbocharger uses exhaust gases produced by the engine, which are pushed out of the engine at a velocity that corresponds with the speed of the engine’s rotation to push fresh air into the engine. The faster the […]

Is Synthetic Oil Right for Your Diesel?

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There are many advantages to using synthetic engine oil in your diesel engine. Synthetics have a much better flow rate in cold weather than conventional engine oils, allowing critical moving parts to be better lubricated on start up. Synthetic oils also lose less viscosity at high temperatures, providing critical lubrication under high engine loads. They […]

2 Tips to Keep Your Diesel Fresh This Summer

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Whether you are using your diesel for fun or for work, there is nothing more frustrating than a breakdown.  In the summer, many issues are related to your engine overheating.  Here are two tips that can keep you motoring during the hot summer months. Get a Coolant Flush As temperatures rise during our Manitoba summer, your […]

Western Turbo Active in the Community

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At Western Turbo, we recognize our success as being the best diesel service centre in Manitoba is due to you, our valued customers. On behalf of you, we support a number of charitable causes every year. We are proud to support Siloam Mission, Habitat for Humanity, Ride for Dad, the Gimli ModelFest as well as […]

Are you Budget Minded About Your Diesel Service? Western Turbo is Right for You!

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There’s a reason why Western Turbo has become the choice of service and maintenance for diesel fleets in Winnipeg and Manitoba. We Save You Money Our experience and investment in equipment and people let us stand head and shoulders above others.  Here are three examples of how we can save you money and earn your […]