Biofuel could be peanuts in the future...

Biofuel could be peanuts in the future...

A new type of biofuel using peanuts could be the answer to hi diesel prices as well as be kinder to the environment. The diesel fuel developed by t...


Bosch Diesel Service Centre
How much money could you save in maintenance costs if you could take the guesswork out of determining the condition of petroleum based fluids? Thousands of dollars are lost, annually from component failure, much of which is linked directly to inadequate lubrication from broken-down petroleum based fluids; still more revenue is wasted by performing unnecessary […]

Greater Value with Diesels

Diesel Engines Winnipeg
With all of the recent buzz about hybrids and electric vehicles, be careful not to overlook the comeback of the diesel. Diesel powered coupes and sedans took a long hiatus, but they are back and they have undergone drastic developments. The introduction of ultra-low sulfur clean diesel fuels, more efficient turbochargers and intercoolers, and direct […]