Gasoline Direct Injection – It’s a Really Big Deal!

Fuel Injection Service in Winnipeg
Just as North America is rediscovering diesel, automakers are digging into the technology to improve gasoline engines. In the 1980s, fuel injection changed the gas engine landscape. Instead of relying on a relatively inefficient and quirky carburetor to draw air and fuel in to an engine, it was found that you could exercise more control […]

Save Money for Yourself and Your Customers with Western Turbo’s Injector Diagnostics

GDI Fuel Injector Diagnostic
At Western Turbo, we do a lot of work on today’s diesel engines, almost all of which use some very sophisticated fuel injection technology. Equipping ourselves with the gear and expertise to diagnose and repair injectors hasn’t happened overnight.  We’ve made a significant investment, which is part of our responsibility in being the market leader […]