Join Us at Ag Days in Brandon

Visit us at Ag Days at the Keystone Agricultural Centre in Brandon today through Thursday at booths 415 and 416. Have a chance to win a $250 Western Turbo Gift Card! Check out great diesel module specials at till the end of January! Western Turbo, diesel service and more…

The Right Time To Change Your Diesel Engine Oil

best diesel oil change winnipeg
How you drive and what you tow will influence how often you should be changing the oil for your diesel engine.   If you are mainly driving shorter distances and have a lot of stop and go, chances are your engine oil will accumulate more contaminants quicker. This lowers the quality of the oil in your […]

Keep Your Diesel Cool In The Summer Heat

diesel coolant flush Manitoba
Summer heat is here, and a cool running diesel should be high on your priority list to optimize your diesel’s efficiency. By prioritizing the monitoring of your cooling system during the hot summer months you might just escape the heat of summer problem free.  As the temperatures rise, your diesel’s cooling system has to work […]

40th Anniversary Celebration a Hit With Customers

Best Diesel parts winnipeg
On May 15th, Western Turbo opened it’s doors to the public and celebrated 40 years in business. From humble beginnings in 1979, Western has grown to provide the best diesel service and parts in Manitoba. The celebration took place at 325 Eagle Drive, home of Western’s modern 9 bay service centre. Visitors were greeted with […]

RV Service a Must to Keep Your Trip on Schedule

Best RV Service Manitoba
As Spring gets into full swing, our thoughts turn to enjoying the great outdoors during our wonderful Manitoba summers. It’s time to think about bringing in your RV to Western Turbo for your pre-summer inspection.   Many RV’s sit idle in the driveway for many months of the year.  Before you embark on the big road trip, your […]

Celebrate Our 40th Birthday on May 15th!

40 year birthday party winnipeg
Lordy, lordy, looked who turned 40! From humble beginnings in 1979 in a small service shop to a modern 9 bay service facility today, Western Turbo is proud to celebrate 40 years of business. May 15th will be the big party from 11:00am to 4:00pm with complimentary food, vendor demos, draws and door prizes. Our […]

Western Turbo Now Offering DPF Cleaning

best manitoba diesel service
Western Turbo & Fuel Injection Ltd. is excited to announce we are now offering DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) Cleaning. A DPF is a device that is installed in the exhaust stream of diesel engines made after January 1, 2007 in response to more stringent emission regulations. Harmful particulate matter found in diesel emissions contain carcinogenic […]

The Autopsy of a Dead Turbocharger

Best Diesel service manitoba
Why did my turbocharger die? First, we have to understand how a turbocharger works… In a nutshell, a turbocharger uses exhaust gases produced by the engine, which are pushed out of the engine at a velocity that corresponds with the speed of the engine’s rotation to push fresh air into the engine. The faster the […]

When Do You Need a Certificate of Inspection (COI)?

COI inspection station winnipeg
You require a valid safety Certificate of Inspection (COI) to register a newly acquired vehicle in Manitoba. A COI confirms that, at the time of inspection, a vehicle met basic standards for operation in Manitoba, which are set out in the Vehicle Inspection Handbook. A COI doesn’t include a detailed inspection of the engine or […]

Diesel Engine Coolant – Not Just Green Anymore!

best diesel service centre winnipeg
Coolant isn’t just green anymore! As engines have developed, taking more horsepower and torque out of increasingly smaller displacements, the load carried by you trucks cooling system has increased significantly.  Coolant now comes in various hues including red, yellow, orange  and purple. It’s important to use the correct coolant for your application, as the wrong […]

Biodiesel Will Shorten Your Filter Life. What’s the Best Filter Option?

best filter for biodiesel
Did you know Manitoba has mandated a minimum average 2% biodiesel for all diesel fuel sales by volume?  Due to potential gelling issues in our cold winters, winter fuel has very little biodiesel added, so to meet regulations summer fuel typically has up to 5% or more by volume. This can have an effect on […]

Are you Budget Minded About Your Diesel Service? Western Turbo is Right for You!

Best Diesel service manitoba
There’s a reason why Western Turbo has become the choice of service and maintenance for diesel fleets in Winnipeg and Manitoba. We Save You Money Our experience and investment in equipment and people let us stand head and shoulders above others.  Here are three examples of how we can save you money and earn your […]