There are a lot of good reasons for choosing a small diesel engine for agricultural, construction, and marine use.  We all know just how durable diesel is, and longevity and fuel economy translate directly into dollars in our pockets.  Whether you’re working or playing, reliable operation at a low cost is a mighty attractive offer, and today’s small diesel’s deliver.  In the past few decades, small diesel engines have benefited from many improvements in technology, and have evolved to the point that they can squeeze an amazing amount of performance out of an ounce of diesel fuel.

These technological advances, primarily in the area of fuel injection, mean that a steady supply of the highest quality fuel is mandatory. Today’s small diesels won’t tolerate impurities in their fuel.

For the best, and easiest, fuel filtration technology for diesel engines up to 140 hp, or consuming up to 26 gallons of fuel per hour, there’s the SNAPP fuel filter by Parker Racor, a leader in fuel filtration technology.

SNAPP fuel filters are simple to install, and even simpler to replace – removal and reinstallation is simply a snap.  There’s no need for extensive priming procedures – simply plug it in and it will start protecting your engine right away.

SNAPP filters use a patented technology, a filtration media called Aquablock, that ensures that damaging water and solid impurities in your diesel or biodiesel fuel don’t reach your sensitive injectors.  These filters are able to filter in 2, 10, and 30-micron specifications, eliminating the risk of impurities wreaking havoc in your diesel or biodiesel application.

SNAPP filters can be installed anywhere along your fuel supply line, and measure only 8” x 4”, so you can get them where you need them.  Your first installation kit comes with everything you need – a bracket for mounting, and a priming tool for exchange.  Subsequent filters come with media replacement.

At Western Turbo, we see a lot of engines after they’ve been damaged by poor fuel.  We don’t hesitate to recommend SNAPP fuel filters for their exceptional filtration capacity. Contact Geoff at Western Turbo for more information.