Tips to Keep Your Diesel Happy During Manitoba Winters

We all know how challenging it is to keep your ride on the road during the harsh Manitoba winters. Here are some tips that can help your diesel thrive in the cold.

 Keep The Fuel Level Up

A tank  full of fuel is a lot harder to freeze than tank that is close to empty. Diesel fuel may start to gel from the cold – which is not good.  A good practice is to keep your tank as full as possible in the winter. Frequent trips to the pump is a great idea.

Change the Fuel Filter

A tiny amount of fuel may be caught in the fuel filter and freeze during cold snaps. It is the most likely place for fuel to freeze. Check you filter – and replace as needed.  Always a good idea to have a spare filter in your ride – especially during the coldest months of the year.

A Garage or Other Warm Place Makes for a Happy Diesel

If you have the luxury of a garage or other shelter – use it!  Typically this space will be 14 degrees warmer than the outside and may make the difference between a frozen engine or not.

Keep Your Block Hot

If you live and work in Winnipeg or anywhere in Manitoba, you’re familiar with all kinds of heating devices for your diesel. Block heaters, oil warmers, and battery warmers are all a good idea and will help to keep the fluids flowing and your engine starting.

Additives are a Great Addition

A fuel additive is a great addition year round – but especially important in the cold months. It greatly reduces the chances of your fuel gelling. Western Turbo always has a supply of additives to keep you on the road.

Temperatures Change and Show Should Your Oil

Switching to a lighter weight oil in the coldest months can improve the flow in your engine. It will also lessen the wear and tear… Contact the Western Turbo service team to get this done so the rest of your winter is clear sailing.

If your ride is not happy during the cold months, contact the experts at Western Turbo today to discuss all the cold weather remedies and preventions to keep your ride running smoothly.