It’s no secret. Volkswagen is slowly but surely, without any huge announcements or ribbon cutting ceremonies, cementing its place among the world’s most successful carmakers. Renowned for relatively austere cars engineered to provide years of trouble free operation, the carmaker is likely to sell more cars than any other company in the world by 2018. At IamDIESEL, we are not surprised. Here’s why we think VW is so successful:

1) Heritage
Volkswagen is a European carmaker. They’ve had great success in taking their cues from that market and bringing them to the rest of the world. North America laughed at the Beetle when it first arrived, but it wasn’t too long before it became one of the best-loved objects of 20th century design. Today, the company is bringing diesel engines in passenger cars across the Atlantic. Other carmakers at fist pointed and laughed. Now they are scrambling to offer their own diesels. They are years behind.

2) Persistence
Volkswagen has been making diesel engines for decades. Even when they weren’t popular. When they didn’t have a future. Why? Because Volkswagen engineers knew that diesel had a place in passenger vehicles.

3) Perception
Volkswagen has been using the same advertising agency since 1959. Doyle Dane Bernbach (now DDB) introduced the Beetle to the world, and they’ve done the same thing for every single car the company has ever made. The message has been unwavering – these cars are sensible, and they’re well built. People believe it because, well, it’s true.

4) Variety
Volkswagen offers a wide variety of engine options across their product lines. Diesel has been, and will continue to be, a cornerstone of their North American offerings. After decades of hard work and constant product development, Volkswagen is now in the process of reaping the rewards.

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