Western Turbo Experts Know How to Diagnose Your Turbocharger Issues

Unfortunately, turbochargers are one of the first things people point to when there is a "low power" complaint. Because of this, there are many turbos that are misdiagnosed as defective, then removed/replaced that have nothing wrong with them.



On the other side of the argument are turbos that do have an actual defect or problem. If the technician doesn't take the time to determine the root cause, the replacement turbo will also have a shortened life on the engine.



At Western Turbo, we are experts at getting to the bottom of your ride's issue.  Our fuel shop can accurately diagnose your issue.  We can recommend a rebuild, or replacement. Or, our service department can go further and understand if other engine issues may be present.



Turbos have been designed to last the life of the engine. Any failure needs to be researched to determine the actual cause of failure. Turbochargers have also gone through many design changes brought on by the increasingly stringent emission requirements, and the quest to come up with new methods (and equipment) to meet those goals. This has taken a very simple design and made it complex and difficult to diagnose the cause of the issue. 



A Western Turbo expert technician will investigate and offer the best solutions for your Turbocharger issues. At Western Turbo, we know what moves you.