You may have noticed an automotive trend here which certainly hasn’t been overlooked by car-makers – Canadians are increasingly following suit with our European cousins when it comes to our interest in diesel cars. Because diesel prices remain on a par with gas, and due to the fuel economy and durability of diesel engines, their popularity in Canada continues to grow. The list of available models here has, in turn, consistently expanded over the years, and 2013 looks to be no exception.
Jeep Grand Cherokee

Chrysler plans to introduce diesel versions of its Jeep Grand Cherokee, with potentially other models in its Jeep line to follow in the future. Audi will soon be launching sales in Canada of its TDI Diesel A8. General Motors has plans to offer a diesel version of the Cadillac ATS as well. Porsche aficionados will be happy to know the Cayenne will soon be diesel-powered here in Canada.

Adding to current Volkswagen diesel offerings will be versions of the Beetle, followed by a diesel iteration of its Tiguan SUV. Mazda appears poised to be Asia’s first auto-maker to offer diesel-powered models in Canada, and aims to do so with its SKYACTIV-D 2.2-liter clean diesel by the 2014 model year.

There a number of factors driving this push toward diesel in Canada, and perhaps none as significant as this: according to Canadian Black Book, resale values of the average diesel is higher than gasoline equivalents. Add in the fact that diesel engines also far outlast their gas cousins, often exceeding 400,000 miles, and you’ve got a winning combination.