Why You Don't Want to Fill Up Your Diesel Ride If you See the Tanker Truck Delivering Fuel

The largest problem found in any modern diesel engine today is the quality and cleanliness of the fuel. Since the fuel is the only lubrication for the injector, clean fuel is a must. Even if you are keeping up with the filter changes, part of the problem is the supply of fuel...almost all in-ground storage tanks have contamination (dirt, water, or algae) that has settled to the bottom of the tank. You should NEVER get fuel if you see a fuel truck delivering fuel (as the velocity of incoming fuel stirs up what is in the tank) - the problem is that the delivery truck might have just left, and you didn't see it !!


If you sense you're having injector issues due to dirt and other contaminants, let the fuel shop experts at Western Turbo clean and assess your injectors. We'll recommend the most cost effective strategy to get you back onto the road.