Western Turbo handles all types of diesel fuel injectors including older mechanical versions.

We will test your injector for spray pattern, nozzle chatter, opening pressure, and leaks. We will disassemble your mechanical injectors, resulting in a detailed internal examination. As we conduct our assessment, we search for wear, reusable parts, repairable parts, and replaceable parts.

After our assessment, we recommend the best and most cost effective strategy to get you back on the road. Once we assemble and calibrate your reconditioned injector, we check for opening pressure, spray patterns, nozzle chatter, and leaks. If replacement of parts are required, we use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) nozzles .

We test and overhaul a variety of mechanical injectors, including:

  • Conventional mechanical injectors
  • 2-spring mechanical injectors (measuring both primary and secondary opening pressures)

As part of our fuel shop service, we repair and recondition many types of common rail injectors. They are more complex and sophisticated than mechanical injectors, requiring a different testing process.

Some engines in which you will find common rail injectors include: GMC/Chevrolet Duramax (since-2001), Dodge/Cummins (since 2003), Ford 6.7 (since 2011), and a variety of Cummins, Volvo, Deutz, Mack, Volkswagen, BMW, and Mercedes engines.

All diesel injector testing begins with an external clean, followed by a preliminary test to measure current performance.

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