Some people would be surprised to find out that the worlds worst culprit for air pollution is not the automotive industry after all.  That dubious title actually goes to large marine ship engines, such as oil tankers, large container ships and passenger cruise ships.  Data from maritime industry insiders indicate that when compairing in engine size and fuel quality typically used by ships and cars, it was found that  just 15 of the worlds largest ships may possibly emit as much pollution as all of the worlds 760 million automobiles combined.  Low grade ship bunker fuel, or fuel oil, has up to 2000 times the sulfer content as U.S. and European diesel fuels.  Here’s some food for thought, there are 200,000 ocean going ships worldwide; 70% of all ships emissions are within  260 miles/400 kilometres of land; 85% of all ship pollution is in the Northern Hemisphere.

The silver lining to this cloud is a company called EcoEmissions Solutions Inc.  The company has an emissions reducing Catalyst Injection System, CIS(TM).  The CIS Eco Injection system is an industry proven, commercially viable and cost effective technology that drastically improves fuel effiency and reduces emissions by injecting a platimun based catalyst solution into the engine cylinders through the air system, which allows for a more complete fuel burn, resulting in more power, fewer emissions and longer engine life.  EcoEmissions Solutions will focus first on the global marine and large diesel engine market place, then the smaller diesel marketplace will be targeted.