Whether your fleet is composed of trucks, cars, farm equipment, or construction equipment, when one of your fleet units has a breakdown, you know the challenges of trying to keep up when you don’t have the capacity to do so. Operating a smaller fleet of vehicles or equipment (less than 50 units) is no easy task. Often, the maintenance of the fleet is just another duty of a busy manager in charge of many other areas. Maintenance often is performed in-house and accountability of scheduled service is not adhered to, or skipped altogether. Drivers and operators are not held accountable, or have not been trained to be aware of signs of pending issues.

At Western Turbo, our fleet maintenance program is an easy way to stay on top of scheduled and preventive maintenance.

Why should you care about preventive maintenance?

Quite simply – cost. Many studies have shown that regular preventive maintenance of your fleet assets will give them a longer live span. Replacing your fleet every 10 years rather than every 8 will put money in your pocket.

Second, poor maintenance can lead to equipment failure, which can lead to accidents, which can lead to liability issues. You don’t need the hassle of potential litigation, let alone the PR issues associated with a liability claim.

Get a FREE analysis of your fleet

Contact Western Turbo to conduct a FREE fleet maintenance analysis. We will inventory your fleet, propose scheduled maintenance, as well as offer tips for drivers and operators to understand how to pin-point issues before they become real problems. Contact us now to ask about your fleet and how we can make your life easy.