Your recreational vehicles deserve the best service. Whether your ride is a Sprinter or 30ft diesel, we specialize in RV inspection, repair and service.

RV Repair

Many RV’s sit idle in the driveway for many months of the year. Before you embark on the big road trip, your RV will need some preventive maintenance including the topping-up of all fluids, new filters, oil change, and battery testing.

Your chassis will need to be inspected as well. The chassis is a key component for your motorhome’s well-being and should be inspected by the experts at Western Turbo every year. A chassis issue can stop your trip dead in its tracks. 

Preventative maintenance for your RV from the experts at Western Turbo can save your trip and can save you thousands in unexpected repair bills and inconvenience. Book your maintenance appointment today at the best RV service centre in Manitoba.