Project Managers – Schedule Your Construction Equipment for Service Before Winter Comes

Construction Diesel Vehicles
There’s an ongoing joke about the seasons here in Winnipeg – we only have two, winter and construction. If you’re a project manager in the construction industry, you know that this statement is patently untrue. Construction never really stops. Of course, there are seasonal slowdowns, and the focus shifts from excavation to other work (owing […]

Fleet Care at Western Turbo

Bosch Diesel Service Centre
At Western Turbo, we can take care of your diesel and fuel injection service needs, no matter how big or small they are. We started in this business in 1979, with a small shop and a full-service philosophy. Thirty-five years later, we’ve grown to be Winnipeg’s premiere diesel engine service centre, with several divisions and […]

Keeping Construction Vehicles Moving

Construction Diesel Vehicles
While it might not look like it, we know that a construction site operates like a carefully choreographed dance routine. Everybody has a part to play, and timing is everything. One trade moves out and another moves in. One piece of equipment moves from job to job, often multiple times in one day. If one […]