How you drive and what you tow will influence how often you should be changing the oil for your diesel engine. 

 If you are mainly driving shorter distances and have a lot of stop and go, chances are your engine oil will accumulate more contaminants quicker. This lowers the quality of the oil in your diesel motor – thus affecting performance.  If your mainly highway driving then, your oil change interval can be less than your city counterparts. If you are towing or work in an area of elevation change, then your motor stress will be higher. All of the above factors will dictate your oil change frequency. Diesel truck maintenance is vital not only to your engine’s health but the overall safety of your vehicle.

Our experts at Western Turbo suggest you inspect your engine oil every 5000 kilometers and  perform a complete oil, filter, and vehicle lubrication regardless of the type of driving you do at the 7500 kilometer mark. When it’s time for the best diesel service in Winnipeg, the biggest parts selection or turbocharger diagnostics, give us a call at 1 800 665 7556 or send us an email to