4 Tips to Keep Your Diesel in Top Form in Late Summer

We all know that the heat of summer is hard on any vehicle.  Here are 4 tips to keep your diesel running in top form.


  1. Cleaning or replacing your filters gives your engine a break. Dirty or clogged filters make your engine work harder and run at a hotter temperature. Combine this with warm temperatures outside is a recipe for trouble.
  1. It's called coolant for a reason. Check your coolant levels often, especially in the summer. Low coolant levels can result in your engine overheating and damaging your engine.
  1. Tires wear more in heat. Summer heat bakes asphalt. This heat transfers to the rubber in your tires and gets trapped.  This creates more wear on your tires.  Check your tires often and maintain the correct pressure to ensure they are in the best condition.
  1. Air Conditioning is not a luxury anymore.  Have the experts at Western Turbo check out your air conditioning system. The outdoor temperature transfers exponentially into your cab, making it hazardous to your health during a longer trip.

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