Knowledge is Power – Especially in the Parts Business

Ungelica Kato is an expert on diesel specific parts. Her many years of experience in the parts business is the perfect fit for Western Turbo.

She honed her skills with Dipaco, learning about the diesel parts business from one of the largest suppliers in North America.  When the opportunity came to transfer that training and become a Western Turbo team member she jumped at the chance.

“The team at Western Turbo is the best” states Ungelica. “They are very supportive and very giving of their knowledge.  It helps everyone there be better at serving the customer”

A big stand out for Ungelica is the amazing relationships that Western has with its suppliers. 

“We get unbelievable support from our parts suppliers, it’s pretty obvious that Western has done a great job cultivating these important relationships”

Like all of the team members at Western, Ungelica goes above and beyond to get customers what they need.  She remembers one incident where a customer was so pleased with the service they bought Ungelica a gift card for a spa day.

“We are just doing our job” states Ungelica. “When a customer takes the time to send us a note or give us something, we are truly humbled”

Ungelica realizes that her role is mostly filled by men.  She is proud that the pendulum is starting to swing towards more women taking up this role. “I challenge myself every day to improve my knowledge”.  “I know that I need to build trust immediately with the customer to gain their confidence”

And build trust she does.  Ungelica is one of the main go-to professionals at Western when it comes to parts.

Thanks for all you do!