Need to know? Better Call Joe…

Even before that fateful 2018 phone call from Western Turbo owner Jeff Esslinger asking Joe to have lunch, Joe Richichi had Western Turbo on his radar.

 “Everyone in the industry knew about Western Turbo - but not too many knew what they did…”

After Joe shared some sales insights, one thing led to another, and Joe was offered the position of Business Development Manager at Western Turbo. Joe was excited about the opportunity to leverage the relationships he had cultivated for the past 43 years.  “Once I got the word out about all of the great things Western Turbo had to offer, the business took off.”

Meanwhile, Joe was making new relationships with his Western Turbo family. “This is such a great place to work.  Everyone works together, shares ideas and helps each other out.” He is especially appreciative of the knowledge shared among team members to find parts for clients. “If I don’t know where to get it, someone at Western Turbo will have a source. We are very fortunate to have the experience and the industry relationships to be able to help customers the way we do.”

If you need to know, you better call Joe (and the Western Turbo team).

We don’t say no – we say let’s find it!

It’s an attitude that’s stronger since Joe and Western Turbo found each other…